The hiring of employees who must relocate poses specific challenges to the employer. The employee’s mastery of a new job, along with his or her adjustment to the company culture, is complicated by a simultaneous need to adjust to the new place of residency. Research shows that relocated employees are difficult to retain and that high-level job functioning is often compromised by family and/or individual difficulties caused by the relocation. Such problems can be prevented by carefully preparing the employee and the employee’s family in advance of the relocation, and through additional support during the first year of relocation. Corporate relocation consultation first assesses the company’s particular needs and resources with regard to its relocating employees, and subsequently develops plans and provides direct service to address these issues.


Margalit consults with companies and organizations that wish to ensure retention and high productivity among relocating employees. Consultation involves:

  1. Assessment of needs
  2. Providing information on the issue
  3. Help with the development of special programs for relocating personnel
  4. On-site consultation to managers, HR personnel and individual employees.
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