When is help recommended for those who have already relocated?

If one continues to answer yes to any of these issues 3- to 6-months post-relocation, professional help is recommended.

  1. Do you experience increased stress between you and your partner or children?
  2. Do you have more frequent arguments with your partner or children?
  3. Do your children continue to be significantly more dependent on you (parents) after 3-months of the relocation?
  4. Do you often feel lost (literally and figuratively)?
  5. Do you experience daily chores and routines as being more difficult to perform than they used to be, and often avoid doing them?
  6. Do you feel that you don’t recognize your own family- that your family does not look and feel the same?
  7. Do you find yourself worrying more than usual?
  8. Do you often feel helpless, depressed, angry or lonely?
  9. Do your children continue experiencing difficulties at school not directly related to the new language?
  10.  Are your children having persistent new problems at home, such as with sleeping, behavior, fighting with siblings, eating, or attending school?
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