These questions can help identify whether your relationship may benefit from couple’s therapy. This is not a medical diagnosis, but rather reflects the most common issues I have identified in my work with couples.

  1. Do you often feel lonely?
  2. Do you have a feeling of disrespect or contempt towards your partner or does your partner express these feeling towards you?
  3. Do you often think that the solution to a problem would be for your partner to change, but that you yourself don’t need to change?
  4. Do you avoid sharing your dreams and desires with your partner?
  5. Do you often feel controlled by your partner, or has your partner expressed to you that he/she feels controlled by you?
  6. Do you keep secrets from your partner?
  7. Do you often feel that you and your partner live parallel lives?
  8. Do you or your partner avoid having intimacy?
  9. Do you often feel irritated when you are with your partner?
  10. Do you feel that you and your partner lost the ability to have fun together?
  11. Do you have difficulties discussing problems with your partner because you both tend to get critical and defensive with each other?
  12. Do you feel embarrassed when you are with your partner in public?
  13. Do you or your partner avoid apologizing to each other at all cost?
  14. Do you feel unsafe with your partner emotionally or physically?
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