My style is practical, warm and personal. I aim towards short-term interventions and use an open door approach, encouraging people to use my services in intervals, as needed.
The therapeutic relationship is central to my work. I work to establish a secure base-relationship in which my clients feel safe exploring new ways of understanding themselves, and in which they learn new ways of relating to the significant people in their lives and to others.

I seek out, and help my clients realize, their own strengths and accomplishments. Upon these we build new skills needed to overcome difficulties. I also use information and cognitive tools. I teach communication and conflict resolution skills, parenting skills, and thinking and relaxation skills.

My work is based on four premises.

The first is that humans are social beings; we are born into the arms of our parents and we thrive and survive in their care. This primary relationship attachment is the core pattern for later relationships we form, and is often the cause of later difficulties.

The second premise is that we all have areas of strength, which we can mobilize to overcome challenges presented to us throughout our lives.

The third premise is the importance of cognitive ability in the use of healing and overcoming difficulties.

The fourth premise is that people seek help for three common reasons: physically-based challenges that interfere with normal child development and impede on family relationships; traumatic childhood events; and life events that demand major adjustments and challenge our abilities to function, such as illness, relocation, financial stress, death in the family etc.

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