dr margalit eren rabinovich About Margalit Eren Rabinovich

שרותי פסיכוטרפיה ורילוקיישן
עם מרגלית ארן-רבינוביץ
617-טלפון: 332-6010


Margalit Eren-Rabinovich is a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) and psychotherapist specializing in marriage and family therapy, and in the adjustment to immigration and relocation.

For over 30 years, Margalit has helped her clients to overcome obstacles and improve the quality of their lives. Margalit’s insightful technique creates an empathetic and respectful environment in which to learn and grow in practical ways.

Using systemic and relational strength-based approaches, Margalit can help you solve problems and can motivate you to action.

Her clients include individuals, couples and families, as well as corporate clients, whose employees have relocated internationally.


For over 30 years, I have worked with children and families, couples, and individuals, specializing in couples’ and family therapy, and in the adjustment challenges of relocation, immigration and inter-cultural interaction.

I provide a unique insight into the impact of relocation and immigration on the family unit, and my approach utilizes the tools and concepts I have developed over many years, which enable families’ successful adjustment to relocation. I divide my time between my mental health private practice and my relocation-services consulting practice.

I began my professional practice in Israel in the 1970s, after training in couples’ and family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, and receiving a Master’s degree from Bar-Ilan University. In 1989, I moved with my family to the U.S., and since that time, I have continued to expand my practice, providing consultation, supervision and psychotherapy.

I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers (U.S.) and am licensed in Massachusetts (LICSW). I have taught family therapy at several clinics in the Boston area, including the Couple and Family Clinic of the Harvard Medical School-affiliated Cambridge Hospital, and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, where I taught Family Assessment to Supervisors and Case Managers. I have also consulted in the computer industry, where I developed programs to ensure successful integration of international employees and their families. I have additionally presented papers on the impact of relocation and immigration on the family, and was a guest lecturer at Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I am a member and an Approved Supervisor of The Association for Marital and Family Therapy in Israel. I taught Family Therapy at The Barkai Institues for Family Therapy and at the Kibbutz Child and Family Clinical Training Institute, both in Tel Aviv, Israel. I served as Clinical Director of the Kibbutz clinic branch in the Arava region of southern Israel, and Assistant Clinical Director of the Barkai Institute.

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